RYAN OGDENFlash Developer / Designer
iPhone Tab Bar Icon Tester (iPTBIT) | Developer, Designer | HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Birth of Separation | Developer, Designer | AS3, XML
Food and Wine Sense-O-Meter | Developer | AS3, XML
Peanuts Rocks The Vote | Developer, Animation Designer | AS3, Flash Remoting (amfphp), MYSQL, XML, After Effects
John Deland Roofing | Developer | HTML5, CSS, CSS3, PHP, Javascript
Team Lawyers | Developer, Designer | HTML, CSS, CSS3, PHP
Northeast Discount Transmission | Developer, Designer | HTML, CSS

I am a New York City (NYC) based Flash developer and designer with experience in AS3, AS2, Flash Remoting, Flash Video, XML, PHP, After Effects and Cinema 4D.  I also occasionally make your HTML/CSS website.
Feel free to contact me at the email address below with any inquiries.